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Cascadia Art Post

I met Jack Lattiman (Cascadia Art Post) at the Focus on Book Arts Conference in a sketchbook class taught by Jennie Hinchcliff (Red letter Day) , and we’ve been sending things back and forth ever since! I responded to his … Continue reading

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Zoo Mailbox and Dick & Jane’s Spot

I’m mailing these cards from a letter box at the Portland Zoo – it’s my favorite mailbox in Portland. Mail deposited here is hand stamped with one of the last remaining Railway Post Office cancellations. It’s a Portland treasure! I’m … Continue reading

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Here is the card I’m sending to Moan Lisa for her mail art call “Fragments.” She’ll cut mail art into fragments, combine them into new pieces, and send those back  to participants along with a mailing list. Click on the … Continue reading

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How Much Orange is Enough?

David Schulze sent this card with a tiny bit of orange. Next card, more orange! On the back of this card David wrote “People who think orange is a difficult color probably never got art in the mail that was … Continue reading

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The Transformative Hat

The Transformative Vision: sushi becomes a hat!  

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Stehekin, WA 98852

The Stehekin post office has a display of wooden post cards on, well,  wouldn’t you know it – wooden racks!

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Returned to Sender

It took me awhile to decide how to alter Theresa’s card because I liked it so much! I decided to make a subtle change across the bottom.

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