Add and Pass

Imagine a group of friends, arranged in a circle (alphabetically!), making postcards. Then they pass the card to their right, and the next person works on it. Repeat the process until  your card comes back to you. That’s the idea behind this project – but since we don’t live near each other, we pass the cards through the mail. Here are some scans I made as the cards passed through my house.

Right and Left Hands

Incoming hands postcard, front

Right and Left Hands, altered

Postcard ready to send to the next person.

Incoming fish

Incoming fish

outgoing fish

Outgoing fish

X card, front

X Card, front

X card, back

X card, back

punched card

Punched card, front

punched card, back

Punched card, back

earth baby, front

Earth baby, front

earth baby, back

Earth baby, back

bird's eye map, front

Bird’s eye map, front

bird's eye map, back

Bird’s eye map, back

Sound suit

Sound suit

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