Mail Art Show Catalogs

This year I’ve received two catalogs from mail art shows I entered!

Gutai Catalog

Gutai Catalog

The catalog from the exhibition at San Francisco Art Institute states: The Gutai Art Association (Gutai Bijutsu Kyokai) was an avant-garde artist collective in postwar Japan that was founded by Jiro Yoshihara under a primary directive: “Do what no one has done before!

The mail art call asked for work made in the spirit of Gutai. The show was co-curated by John Held, Jr. and Andrew McClintock.

The Red Catalog

The Red Catalog

This call read “Please send an object or drawing or whatever represents (the idea of) the RED.” One hundred and seventy-two artists from around the globe sent work for this show in Vienna. They published a catalog of their submissions, and sent me one!

Both shows were posted on the IUOMA website, click on “mail art calls” on the menu line above.

Happy mailing!

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