Zoo Mailbox and Dick & Jane’s Spot

Mail Art at the Zoo

Mail Art at the Zoo

I’m mailing these cards from a letter box at the Portland Zoo – it’s my favorite mailbox in Portland. Mail deposited here is hand stamped with one of the last remaining Railway Post Office cancellations. It’s a Portland treasure!

Dick &  Jane's Spot Postcard

Dick & Jane’s Spot Postcard

I’m mailing this card to Jennie Hinchcliff. I bought it from a coin operated post card dispenser in front of Dick and Jane Elliott’s house (called Dick and Jane’s Spot) in Ellensburg, WA.

Dick &  Jane's Spot Postcard Dispenser

Dick & Jane’s Spot Postcard Dispenser

Reflectors in front of Dick & Jane's Spot

Reflectors in front of Dick & Jane’s Spot

The Hallie Ford Museum in Salem, OR will show a retrospective of his work from May 1 to Aug. 24, 2014. His installations of reflectors, arranged in geometric patterns, are visible on buildings throughout the Pacific Northwest, including the Yakima Sun Dome, the Henry Art Museum (U.W.), and on the front of the Hallie Ford Museum.


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